Addams Family Therapy

© B. Mac' 2015
© B. Mac’ 2015

Cara Mia! What kind of creepy Addams Family therapist works there?

– B. Mac’

I swear B. Mac’ said that — hand to keyboard. B. Mac’ swears she saw that sign too* and I believe her. While she can draw and, occasionally, she’s even got a way with words, she really can’t lie.

But, B. Mac makes a good point. Therapy isn’t always the answer. And it’s definitely not the answer when towels, scented candles, & your parents are involved. That, let’s just say, feels counter–productive.

Her question’s good too. That sign says just enough to make you wonder, well maybe too much. C’mon, it takes a certain type of character to mash those two treatments together. A je ne sais quoi quality. Better yet, a Tobias Fünke quality.

So I drove to the office to book a full, half, or quarter hour and get B. Mac her answer (and maybe get the kink in my lower back worked out). Instead I got a happy ending I never saw coming. B. Mac can’t really lie, but I forget she can’t really see either.

© B. Mac' 2015
© B. Mac’ 2015

While the therapist may be more normal than I imagined, B. Mac’s way stranger than I ever dreamed. Really, what person would ever think to combine family and massage therapy? I’ll tell you who.

“She’s creepy and she’s kooky,
Ridiculous and goofy,
She’s altogether ooky,
She’s myopic B.Mac.”

*I changed the name of the doctor. Speaking of changes, those who read my last post please know I’ll be writing a follow up soon…and thanks for sticking around too!

Illustrations by B. Mac’
© Chic Prune 2015