Can you hear me?

I’ll stop there as Adele does it just a little better than me – take my word for it. But if you are listening or reading, as is more likely the case, please know: I know those of you who took time and care to leave a comment or a post over the past few, slew months deserve more than a Hello from me.

Quite frankly you deserve a Hello from Adele but as her tour hasn’t reached me yet (among many, many other reasons why) I can’t make that happen. So bear with me as I do the next best thing and find y’all again and return the kindness.

Thank You!
– I.M.


An Open Letter to All Readers

For the past year and a half I’ve been a second grade reading coach with a group called, APIE. Before you think it, learning to read is not as easy as pie. It’s actually hard, fun, and rewarding work.

But speaking of pies, know what else isn’t as easy as pie—making one. Pies take hard, fun, and tasty work which you can only do if you know how to read. Continue reading