The Emperor’s New Blog

Look at me now! You might want to cover your eyes if you’re easily flustered. There’s no nudity if that’s what you’re fearing or hoping (but thank you whoever you are). No there’s just me in all my blogging glory.

I’m finally ready to unveil the NEW & IMPROVED Chic Prune (though I’m not sure the veil’s ready to drop). It’s so new, in fact, it’s a whole other blog,

I say ready but not like ready, ready. More like, “Your suit’s ready Emperor Macgyver.” In other words the blog’s pretty naked right now. If it were a house, the walls would be painted but the rooms would be bare. Bare as in empty, people (sheesh mind gutter much).

Now most emperors would demand you tell them their, ahem, blog looks great. They might also demand you follow them implicitly (even though they mean explicitly). But not me.

First I’m no emperor (if I were man oh man but I digress). Second I’m not going anywhere, keep checking here and I’ll keep dropping links to (Here a link, there a link, everywhere a link. Oh Macgyver had a blog 1, 0, 1, 0, 1.)

The only big difference for now is the comments section will be turned off. I’ve got some catching up to do as it is. If you must leave a comment kindly do so at (you wonderful commenter you!).

Well that’s it for now.

As I said I can’t make you check me out, but you can sneak a peek if you like. 😉
— So tell me, like what you see?