The Answer to Chipotle’s Problem

Happy Pigs © B.Mac' 2015
Happy Pigs © B.Mac’ 2015

Pigs are finally happy, really happy. Chipotle and its customers may have a reason to be happy as well. Continue reading


Coming Soon

how not to make coming soon

Part 1 of “How Not To Make Croissants” will be up this week, fingers crossed. Broken into three bite-sized steps it’s humorous, insightful, and tasty. Step 1 is background, Step 2 is recipes, and Step 3 is trial and error.

If you’re an expert on croissants feel free to chime in along the way. If you’re about to make your first croissant too — wait. Learn from my mistakes first and decide if they’re worth it.

And coming later this year are a couple more “How (Not) To” series. They are:

  • How To Live with Your Sister Sibling and Still Like Her Them
    • Step 1: Compromise
  • How Not To Cook Paella
    • Make it Vegetarian.

image by I.M.
© Chic Prune 2015

Indian Macgyver Says

sweetest memories

I love my family* and they love me. Better yet, we like each other and that says a lot more. Unfortunately it doesn’t say, “Get Out!” So holidays tend to linger longer than they should. This is bad, because some of our best times are spent in the kitchen.
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