Wish I Were There

© Cousin Mac' 2015
© Cousin Mac’ 2015

I should be on vacation with family and friends but I’m not. I should be drinking in the smooth ocean breeze and an even smoother mojito or two but I’m not.

I should be reading more blogs. Heck, I’m Indian Macgyver. I should be doing a lot with what I got—but I’m not.

Now I could complain, explain, or change my name but I’m not. Instead I’ll do what I do, I’ll make the best with what I got.

I don’t have mint and I don’t like rum but I do have limes and a tequila I love. I can’t drink the ocean breeze but I can drink a margarita or two or three and let your blogs wash over me.

Simply put I’ll be reading more blogs. I drink enough margaritas already — cheers!

Photo by Cousin Mac’
© Chic Prune 2015


The American Dream

This is a scheduled post because I’m sleeping in. It’s the 4th of July weekend which means I have the day off. That alone is worth celebrating. Continue reading

Indian MacGyver, Psychic Blogger

© B. Mac' 2015
© B. Mac’ 2015

Episode 2:
Can’t Fight the Moonlight

The following story is true and fascinating. Well, it’s true anyway.

I’ve written about my useless psychic abilities before. I say, useless, but the more appropriate word may be, pointless.

These powers don’t make me any money. I still don’t have a tv show (yet). These powers don’t help me solve crime. I haven’t nabbed any murderers (yet). And these powers don’t entertain my friends. Yet I keep talking about them. Continue reading

Indian Macgyver Says, Happy Father’s Day

Remembrance is like a flower in the garden of love…or friendship…well definitely in a garden for sure.

— Rabindranath Tagore (maybe)

© B.Mac' 2015
© B.Mac’ 2015

My father was a very witty man. He’s still alive. It’s just his wit that’s died.
Continue reading

The Hangman’s Noose

Part 1

“Alright we’re back up. Crime reporter Esha Oberoi is live Downtown. Esha what can you tell us about tonight’s events?”

“Well Mike, the news is still very much developing at this point. The police are keeping details to a minimum but I do know one thing. A body has been found in the building behind me.

Reports are unconfirmed but it looks like it may be another member of local biker gang, The Hangmen. Back to you Mike.” Continue reading

Indian Macgyver Says, YOLO

Watch out! I’m not ready to die.

I’d like to lose some weight first that way people will say, “Oh what a waste.”

Yeah if we died now they’d just say, “Oh what a waist.”

This is a real conversation my friend and I had while she was driving and I was fearing for my life. I’m not saying she’s a bad driver or that I’m a better driver — the DMV is.

What I am saying is that I want to lose some weight. I will once I start running more or eating less, if only blogging burned more calories — YOLO.

p.s. I know I’m too old to say “YOLO,” and that I don’t use it right. But hey, YOLO.

© Chic Prune 2015