Shelter Love

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The What:
If you feel like showing some shelter love, this is for you! It’s geared towards National Adopt a Shelter Dog Month in October. Let’s celebrate and highlight the hard work of shelter staff, volunteers, and fosters. It’s also called Shelter Love because when taking in a dog, cat, or any pet you’re literally giving love a home.

The How:
Each month will have a theme and writing prompt, listed below. The theme will be general and short. The writing prompt will have more detail, like The Daily Post. Write your post of 500 words or less and link it back to this page. At first, prompts will be pet related, not shelter focused.

The Why:
Help raise awareness about National Adopt a Shelter Dog Month, and the work animal shelter staff, volunteers, and fosters do throughout the year.

The Goal:
Eventually reach out to animal shelters, groups, or organizations and find ways to help through blogging.

The Why Not:
Pets are a great way to explore and have fun with writing styles and genres. Plus, everyone’s got an animal story. Why not write a post with a family member, or let someone else do the talking with an interview!

The Goodbye:
If you have any questions, Don’t Be Shy, use my contact page or leave a comment. Let’s work out the kinks and grow better together.

Thanks for joining. Let’s get writing!

link deadline – Nov. 27th

  • Theme – Feast
  • Prompt – The perfect holiday table is set, but when you duck in for the final touches you discover ‘Fido’ got to it first. What do you do?

link deadline – Dec. 29th

  • Theme – Santa Paws
  • Prompt – What does the gift that keeps on giving, give? Share a post about something your pet can’t do without, imagine why it captivates them so much.

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