Block Party

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Location, location, location may be the secret to great real estate, but the secret to a great neighborhood is saying, “Hi,” and “Nice to see ya.” And these folks know that. This isn’t a gated community and there’s no HOA. So this party ain’t slowing down!

This page will be updated, hopefully monthly, and you can find a link in the sliding menu all the time. The list’s alphabetical and each name is linked to either a post or page I enjoy. My two cents is just for fun.

aprilesutton – her perspective’s great, to have in your reader.
caseyalexanderblog – she loves feeding fish.
janeydoe57 – she says she’s snarky but that’s malarkey.
litadoolan – our first meeting was absurd.
luciledegodoy. – she’s giving away pennies!
mauvora – she’s got fun facts.
paulareednacarrow – she knows how to work mondays.
phoenixgrey85 – if it’s friday she’s got me listening.
rachel m – the best policy, ever!
somnivision – he’s an artist, sorry ahtiste – ohohohoho.
simplehumanwrites – he is, what he is.

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