Why I.M.


I’m Indian Macgyver and the blog’s called, Chic Prune, because I think dependably regular blogging’s sexy. Plus it makes me laugh every time I say it. But dependably regularly reading’s sexy too.

I hope to post once a week, never less. I enjoy writing, turning a phrase and running into an idea worth pursuing, briefly. I like to keep the chase down to about 500 words or less. But I aim to keep the laughs and thoughts pretty high.

I chose the name Indian Macgyver because I’m an 80’s renaissance guy, doing a lot with what I got. Also, it’s fun to say.

Thanks for checking out the blog and remember, dependably regular reading’s sexy too!

Namaste Y’all»

indian macgyver text


12 thoughts on “Why I.M.

      1. Nothing wrong with slow. As long as you get there in the end, that’s what I always say. 🙂


      2. you got it. i’m gonna aim to answer e. rawls ‘reader tag’ questions this week or next, then yours are up. i’ll link up to your post so you won’t miss it, don’t worry.

        oh it’s tuesday i need to swing by for this week’s blogbattle entries in the next couple of days. so see ya’ soon.

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