The Answer to Chipotle’s Problem

Happy Pigs © B.Mac' 2015
Happy Pigs © B.Mac’ 2015

Pigs are finally happy, really happy. Chipotle and its customers may have a reason to be happy as well.

Scientists have discovered a strain of red algae that, when fried, tastes like bacon. Could this mean an end to Chipotle’s carnitas shortage? Or could this change the breakfast special forever (say it ain’t so Mac’)?

The latter really could be a good thing. Breakfast plates may never look the same but cholesterol levels may never be as high, which means stress levels could decrease too.

And if this red algae really does taste like bacon, theoretically, Chipotle could find a way to add it to their menu. That is, if it can look past its Frankenstein like origins. Admittedly, something even I find hard to do.

Done well though, it’ll make carnitas lovers the world over happy — pigs too. Plus, over protective spiders can finally destress and relax.

Charlotte's Dream © B.Mac' 2015
Charlotte’s Dream © B.Mac’ 2015

Traditionally, I’m not an early adopter of new fad foods but I do want to try this algae, at least once. It’s not because I want to stop eating bacon or that I think science can do better than mother nature — I’m not that crazy.

I just want the vegetarians in my life to finally taste what they’ve been missing. They can love it or hate it, I don’t care. But seeing their reaction to that first, wholly one of a kind taste will make me happy – really happy!

So, what else should taste like bacon y’all?

Here are a few more sites about this new superfood.
Time Magazine
Business Insider

And here’s one about about Chipotle’s carnitas shortage.

Illustrations by B. Mac’
© Chic Prune 2015


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