Wish I Were There

© Cousin Mac' 2015
© Cousin Mac’ 2015

I should be on vacation with family and friends but I’m not. I should be drinking in the smooth ocean breeze and an even smoother mojito or two but I’m not.

I should be reading more blogs. Heck, I’m Indian Macgyver. I should be doing a lot with what I got—but I’m not.

Now I could complain, explain, or change my name but I’m not. Instead I’ll do what I do, I’ll make the best with what I got.

I don’t have mint and I don’t like rum but I do have limes and a tequila I love. I can’t drink the ocean breeze but I can drink a margarita or two or three and let your blogs wash over me.

Simply put I’ll be reading more blogs. I drink enough margaritas already — cheers!

Photo by Cousin Mac’
© Chic Prune 2015


10 thoughts on “Wish I Were There

    1. they may not be good but they are tasty 😉 but you’re definitely right blogs are much better. i got to read a few, not as many as i wanted to, and i’m in a better mood because of it. it’s one of those benefits of blogging that people rarely mention and even when they do it’s so easily overlooked.

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  1. I’m kinda likin’ your attitude of gratitude, Mac. It’s inspiring and resourceful.
    I hope the margaritas are sustaining and the blogposts entertaining.
    Cheers to you, now knock ’em back! (or maybe start with just one and make sure you can find your way to bed when the night comes to a close.)


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