The American Dream

This is a scheduled post because I’m sleeping in. It’s the 4th of July weekend which means I have the day off. That alone is worth celebrating.

But sleeping in gives me time to think, dream, and think about The American Dream. Some people say it doesn’t exist. That it’s dead and gone, or being redefined by same sex marriage.

I say, The American Dream is alive and well. Hell it’s fabulous!

Where else but America could a woman subvert the humiliation of a sex–tape, and garner the adoration of millions instead. Where else but America could a man, best known for bad hair and a bad catchphrase dream of being President. Where else but America could a group of white supremacists gather to prove a symbol isn’t racist (I mean right). Nowhere. That’s where.

Sure some people say that’s what’s wrong with America. But I say, that’s what’s right. In fact I’ll say more. It’s what’s right with America and it’s also an American right.

There isn’t just one American Dream. Every American can have a different dream because every American has the right to dream. How many countries can lay claim to that manifest destiny.

Now, unfortunately I’m one of the few who hasn’t seen Kim Kardashian naked. But I still wouldn’t want to be anywhere else—I’m also one of the many who haven’t seen Donald Trump naked, fortunately.

Besides where else but America could I hope to make people laugh for money.

© B.Mac' 2015
© B.Mac’ 2015

Hey I can dream, can’t I.
Happy 4th of July! Now what’s your dream, y’all?

Illustration by B. Mac’
© Chic Prune 2015


4 thoughts on “The American Dream

  1. Hey Mac! That’s a heck of a great post! Can I write like that? I don’t know many expressions in the colloquial way of speaking your mother tongue! So I invent them!
    But, seriously, clap clap clap, you said the truth. Well done! And every American should buy your book!

    Liked by 1 person

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