The Hangman’s Noose

Part 1

“Alright we’re back up. Crime reporter Esha Oberoi is live Downtown. Esha what can you tell us about tonight’s events?”

“Well Mike, the news is still very much developing at this point. The police are keeping details to a minimum but I do know one thing. A body has been found in the building behind me.

Reports are unconfirmed but it looks like it may be another member of local biker gang, The Hangmen. Back to you Mike.”

“Thanks Esha. If reports are true this will make the seventh Hangmen killed in just a few days.

You’re in the middle of what many consider The Hangmen’s territory, how would you describe the mood there, Esha? What are people saying?”

“The streets are very quiet tonight, here in Hangman’s Noose. Almost too quiet, Mike. But given the violence and cruelty of the Hangmen, it’s not surprising.

The atmosphere’s reminiscent of areas in the Middle East or Eastern Europe, where fear and pain are all too common and ordinary.”

“Are police saying anything at all Esha? Could this perhaps be retribution against the Hangmen for their attacks on The Horde last week?”

“At this point, Mike, anything’s possible but — ”

“Alright, thanks Esha. Check back in when you’ve got something. Now, on a lighter note here’s Katie Bland with her daily beauty….”


Part 2

“And we’re clear. That’s a wrap Esha.”

“You sonuva — check back in when you’ve got something. Oh I’ve got something for you right here Mike.”

“Calm down girl, you know how he is.”

“Yeah, I know Eddie. Let’s just go, asap.”

“Okay let me stow the gear.”

“Now. Eddie.”

“A little on edge tonight Esha. What’s the big deal, it’s just a dead gang member? Sounds like a good thing to me.”

“It’s not just a dead gang member. It’s a dead Hangman, Eddie. Everyone knows it. Just no one wants to say it.”

“Why is everyone so terrified of the Hangmen?”

“Dammit Eddie look around you. Do you know where we are? We’re in the middle of Hangman’s Noose.”

“Yeah and there’s not a Hangman around. That’s gotta be a good thing.”

“Not in this city, Eddie — better the devil you know then the devil you don’t.”


Part 3

“Well then let me introduce myself. I’m Frayed, this is Nylon, and this is Hemp.”

“Who, who are you?”

“Why Ms. Oberoi, we’re your exclusive interview.”

“Look man we’re leaving.”

“No Mr. Suarez, you aren’t. You and Ms. Oberoi are going to deliver a message.”

“What is it?”

“The message is simple and clear. People feared the Hangman because he held the noose. Now, we hold the rope.

So, Mr. Suarez if you’ll get your camera and Ms. Oberoi if you’ll dry your tears let’s show Mike just what you’ve got.”

“We’re back and we’ve got an exclusive report from Esha Oberoi live downtown. Esha what can you — Dear God!”

“As you can see Mike, Esha and her cameraman are a little, ahem, hung up at the moment. They just had to meet their deadline.

Now back to you.”

This is my, late, entry for Rachel’s BlogBattle theme Rope. I was aiming for a comic book feel but without any comics I’ll let you judge how close I got.

I missed a few themes but there are links to them above. The gang of bloggers that participate turn out some pretty diverse material and they’re all pretty friendly too.

© Chic Prune 2015


8 thoughts on “The Hangman’s Noose

    1. thanks rachael, here’s hoping i can stay in business. the economy is tough right now.

      oh do you remember the movie, big business? i still remember laughing at bette middler an lily tomlin.

      (this non sequitor is brought to you by the netflix show Grace and Frankie which i currently have playing in the background for noise.)

      Liked by 1 person

  1. This was wonderfully entertaining, Mac. And I do think it could easily fit into the comic book category. I’d say you hit your target. You certainly didn’t have to rope me into reading it. 😛
    It was a bite-sized treat of comic relief.


    1. well that’s definitely a good thing shelley because i may be from texas but my rope skills are definitely from new york city (i really hope pace picante salsa still runs those commercials)!


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