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Rejected Shark Tank / Dragons’ Den Idea

My idea was genius if you ask me. Truly, a one of a kind product that could define an entire generation, like the pet rock. But they didn’t see it my way.

They barely saw it at all, in fact. I was off the show in less than a minute. I only spoke for a few seconds before they mocked and criticized my ingenuity and hard work. How can you accurately judge an idea if you don’t give it a chance? They didn’t even try it.

I bet it scared them. True originality has that effect on people. I mean when Edison first invented the electric light bulb I bet people ran screaming into the darkness. Where else could they run?

Anyway I haven’t given up on my idea. Failure isn’t really failing if you don’t give up. Like Edison said, when discussing his failures with the light bulb, “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”

Well I didn’t even fail once! So yeah, I’m better than Edison. It’s not bragging. It’s fact. What does that say about my idea, huh?

So in true inventor spirit I’ve started my own Kickstarter and GoFundMe campaigns* to bring my idea to you, the public. It’s what Edison would do, right?

My totally original and in no way “copyright infringing” idea is below. Judge for yourself how foolish those sharks and dragons were.

The Hula-Loop: All the fun of the Hula Hoop but now in a loop!

Please visit the campaign pages for details and don’t forget to donate. Be sure to tell your friends too. This isn’t a scam, I swear. You can trust me, I’m on the internet!

*This is all BlogBattle** fun so there’s no campaign or pleas for money.
**I missed last week’s theme, Bun, so below is my belated entry, enjoy.

Hot Buns Contest

“Alright, will everyone quiet down. The Senior Citizens Social Club will now come to order. Before we begin is there any old business to address?”

“Well I think we should change the name of our annual bake-off contest. Hot Buns seems, how should I put it, a little ambiguous.”

“I second that. The way some of the women were dressed today was completely unacceptable. Since we’ve got some whippersnappers here I’ll just say they looked like working girls.”

“I know I’m the youngest woman here at 55 years old, Gertrude, but you can say hookers!”

“Ohh, Janice you’re just adorable. Do you need a minute to calm down, would you like some juice?”

“Alright, do we have any objections to renaming the Hot Buns Contest?”

“Yes, I object. There were some scantily dressed women trying to enter the contest but there were also some delightfully dressed men showing up, and off, today too. Now those were some buns worth taking a closer look at!”

“Yeah, talk about rock hard buns!”

“Hey, you know my oven’s thermostat is wonky.”

“Turn your hearing aid up Betty. I wasn’t talking about your dry, day old buns.”

“Ladies, ladies a little decorum please. We don’t want the police to have to come out, again.”

“Oh, I completely forgot about that.”

“Well, thankfully so has everyone else.”

“So shall we take a vote, how many are in favor of renaming the bake-off contest for next year?”

“So it looks unanimous. Shall we move on to new business, the annual gift wrapping contest is just around the corner. Does anyone have any thoughts on the, Biggest Package Contest?”

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