The Lobster Lounge Toasts Phoenix Grey

© Chic Prune 2015
© Chic Prune 2015

Phoenix Grey is a founding member of the Fiction Writer’s Workshop and Lobster Lounge. She’s also a blogging buddy of mine from way, way back when Chic Prune first started (circa September 2014).

More than that, she’s a great story teller. I first followed her intrepid trio of voyagers, Zinna, Lena, and Leo, into deep space in the Escape. It’s a space/western story that spans the darkness of space, and more than one post.

The gang, as I’ve come to see them, go on to more adventures in The Mission. As I read these posts the world of Joss Whedon’s tv series Firefly popped into my head. It’s also a space western, and really worth a watch though the movie wrap-up, Serenity, might be an even better place to start.

The comparison might seem pretty obvious, I don’t know many space western stories, but it’s also appropriate because Joss Whedon’s one of Phoenix’ inspirations. She discusses him and a few more writerly influences in her first Lobster Lounge Post.

While this already seems like a lot about Phoenix, there’s way more to share than one post can take. So there’ll be more from her and the Lobster Lounge very soon.

Let me say this, though, reading her blog has turned me on to a lot of great things, like BlogBattle and Describli (more on this last one will be coming soon too).

So, Cheers to you Phoenix. Thanks for making The Lobster Lounge the best place to write with booze swilling, cigar smoking lobsters anywhere, claws down!

The Fiction Writer’s Workshop and Lobster Lounge will only be getting better. And after you read about Phoenix’ inspirations why not take a gander at mine, then show us yours!

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