Indian Macgyver Says

Happy Mother’s Day

My mother’s not happy these days. Well, she’s not happy with me these days. Well okay, she’s not happy with my choices these days. But that’s nothing new.

She grew up in a country that didn’t offer many choices. Get a job or get a husband. The choice was easy. Finding the right man was way more work than it was worth.

Be a stewardess or be a nurse. It was a different time. She wanted a job to see the world. But she decided to leave home and heal the world instead.

My mother didn’t have a lot of choices growing up. Maybe that’s why she made sure I did, my sisters too. Of all the choices she made, that lead her halfway round the world, one sticks out. It’s the one she often forgets. She chose to be happy.

She chose to be happy to get through hard times. She chose to be happy, once the sadness had passed. She chose to be happy. She chose to be happy. Over and over again she chose to be happy.

My sisters and I know she made the right choice, even if she forgets. There’s always a reason not to be happy, life teaches us that. That’s why we need someone to teach us how to be happy. That’s what mothers are for.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!
I couldn’t choose anyone better!!!

© Chic Prune 2015

Now tell me one thing your mother taught you that only a mother can. But before you do, be sure to tell her first!

— I.M.

And now for a happy little something. This is actually the birthday card I’ve received from my sisters for the last three years. It cracks us up each time.

The laughter helps ease the fact that my sisters split the cost of one card and consider that my entire present. But in my book there’s no such thing as a cheap laugh.

"Happy [Mother's Day,] You Ageless Wonder, You!" © Hallmark Cards, Inc.
“Happy [Mother’s Day,] You Ageless Wonder, You!” © Hallmark Cards, Inc.


16 thoughts on “Indian Macgyver Says

    1. thank you so much. she does read it which is both good and bad. it’s good when she likes the post but when she doesn’t she’s sure to tell me why! kinda defeats the anonymous blogging part 😉


    1. haha, i know right. since i get this card yearly, i’m always thinking about it. did you notice how concerned the dog is? i have the same worry, this can’t be good for her bathroom habits!


  1. Mother’s are wonderful things that get taken for granted far too much. My mother taught me to be strong and not be afraid to be different and be myself. That’s a gift I am always grateful for, even when she’s driving me up the wall! i hop yo’re having a nice day with your mother. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. the day was wonderful. since mother’s day in is march over there, what did y’all do to mark it? and speaking of being driven up the wall boy howdy did things come close over the weekend…in a good way though 😉


  2. That is a brilliant card, Mac. And I love the fact that you’re sisters continue to give you the same thing three years running. My mom has given my dad the same anniversary card for 49 years. He has no idea each year that it’s a repeat.
    So I suppose out of the bazillions of things she’s taught me, recognizing that you can squeeze life out of one thing for an extraordinarily long time is rather amazing (not my dad, the card.).


    1. well now all i can imagine is your mom squeezing your dad for all she’s worth. what i can’t imagine is where she keeps her stock pile of cards! but seriously that’s a wonderful lesson, among many, to share.


      1. Actually, it’s the exact same card. After he opens it in a fresh envelope, she tucks it away until next year. We all laugh every year, but I’m fairly sure my dad is clueless as to why.


  3. Lovely post. My mum has taught me how grandparents should be. She loves all of our kids to death. I didn’t have a loving grandmother but I can see through her how it should be. Aren’t mum’s great!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. i’m just glad you caught it. since we’re so far apart you’re not late, just on a time delay! really cool to hear from you, all the way down under maybe we can talk about australian/new zealand tv or movies sometime.


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