Mad, Madder, Madness

When the madness takes hold, I can’t say no and it won’t let go. I don’t have a choice. Neither do you. Submit. Beg, if you want more. Madness isn’t cruel. It’s unpredictable.

“Oh Mac’ this is pretty steamy. Is it your version of Fifty Shades of Gray?”

“Yeah, more like Fifty Shades of Brown. No, actually, it’s my entry for this week’s Blog Battle.”

“What’s a Blog Battle?”

“Oh it’s a vicious, winner-takes-all match up between bloggers. Many enter only one will leave (unless there’s a tie). It’s like a make-believe Thunder Dome, only without Tina Turner.”

“So, then it’s kinda like The Hunger Games?”

“Well yeah, sorta. They’re both dystopian future stories after all. But to be fair I don’t know much about The Hunger Games. I only watched the movie, and that was under duress.”

“Ask away, I know everything there is to know about Katniss, Peta, Edward, Jacob, and Bella.”

“Does Peta ever call Katniss, Katnip? Did Peta pick a peck of pickled peppers?”


Don’t say I didn’t warn you – madness is unpredictable. This Blog Battle submission is short, funny(?), and just in time. The theme was “madness,” for more posts visit the link above.

**Check back Thursday (fingers crossed) for a special post about the fun of reading.**

© Chic Prune 2015

56 thoughts on “Mad, Madder, Madness

  1. AHahaha! That was great, IndianMac! I got a little pouty, though, when you said their was no Tina Turner in our thunder dome type Blog battles. Now I really wish we had Tina Turner. Loved her in ‘Mad Max: Beyond the Thunder Dome.’ She had a rockin’ headband. *sigh*

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      1. Oh! Haha! I didn’t remember their names. LOL We finally broke down and watched the movie (never read those books) because it was Netflix. Now the nonsensical makes a little more mad sense.


      2. Uh…*presses on temples, eyes squeezed closed real tight* You are thinking I’m mad for being up this late when I gotta work in the morning. Now I’m wondering how you knew that. hmmmm…


      3. look at that, you were up too late and i was too. i had to log right off to be any good the next day.

        i’m telling you, we’re like the wonder twins, only with blogging powers. “wonder twin powers activate!” now if i only knew what to turn into.

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      4. that sounds about right. one of the wonder twins always gets the good power and gets to have all the fun while the other one gets any ole’ power and gets to be the butt of all the jokes 😉

        but hey i guess that means i make a tasty soup!

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      5. I’m just glad you have a sense of humor! 😉 I can be the turtle if you really want, though. I’ve learned the art of being the butt of jokes. 🙂 Never had turtle soup before…turtle brownies, but no soup.

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      6. no i’m okay being a turtle, figure as the cheetah you’d have to carry me around a lot as we fight crime and what not. and i have to have a sense of humor, after all it’s not easy being green!

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      7. maybe too on point, yeah. but it’s a start 🙂 i’m gonna link my blogbattle post and drop a comment before i log off. fingers crossed the links will work once the post publishes tomorrow!

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  2. Lol, nice! Enjoyed the Hunger Games and Twilight references there. 😉 My fave lines: “Does Peta ever call Katniss, Katnip? Did Peta pick a peck of pickled peppers?” XD Lol, brilliant!


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