Doctor Who Flash FanFiction

dear steven moffat

“Freeze you’re it!”

Some kids never grow up, others never grow old. They just grow cold, hard, and mean. Some kids don’t want to go to school. These kids never leave.

So when the bell rings it’s best to run and hide, when the games begin not everyone plays fair. The schoolyard can be a dangerous place.

Walking to school these figures creep me out. What if they were alive, once. What if they still are, my thoughts race. Luckily, my feet race quicker.

Detentions feel like they go on forever. But what if it never ends. There’s nothing scarier than that. Unless one of them winks. What game are they playing?

To be continued…stay tuned.

Well this is my pitch for a new Doctor Who monster-of-the-week. What do you think Mr. Moffat or all you Doctor Who fans?

If you actually read this Mr. Moffat, I’m listening (and I don’t mind spoilers). The same goes for any Doctor Who fans dropping by too. And if you want to join in, tell me what happens next.

Oh and wherever you are Doctor Who—you’re it.

Photo by Indian Macgyver
© Chic Prune 2015


4 thoughts on “Doctor Who Flash FanFiction

  1. Creepy good! I think those fluorescent little dudes could be the trapped souls of the bratty kids who ran around pushing other kids. They’re doomed forever to warn people to slow down. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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