Fiction Writer’s Workshop and Lobster Lounge

© Chic Prune 2015
© Chic Prune 2015

I first mentioned The Lobster Lounge when it was just an idea. Now it’s open. So grab a drink, sit back, and get comfortable.

In the Lobster Lounge we’ll focus on writing better, working together, and enjoying the occasional (bottle of) scotch, bourbon or whiskey. Simple but oh so lofty (and tasty) goals. If you feel like joining in keep reading and sipping.

In the next Lobster Lounge post, I’ll discuss a few writers that inspire me. Hopefully it’ll give readers a better idea of my writing style or at least my ideal style of writing.

Feel like doing the same, post away. Pick a few of your favorite writers, or even fellow bloggers you admire, and share what you like about their style. I’m thinking of this as an ice breaker, even though I take my scotch neat.

Look for the next Lobster Lounge post in two weeks. And to those fellow bloggers who’ve already rsvp’ed, cheers!

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© Chic Prune 2015