2 NPR Stories to Make You Smile

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about one of the benefits of college roommates. Well another benefit is free room and board.

This NPR story* highlights a growing trend worldwide to better serve the elderly and prevent them from being marginalized and ostracized by the community in general. The story focuses on one approach in the Netherlands that provides college students free room and board in a nursing home in exchange for volunteering 30 hours a month in the home.


Speaking of students, a German high school student filed a freedom of information request with the government asking to see a copy of his final exams before the test date. As far as these requests go, this is one response I’m looking forward to reading. The government’s deadline is April 21st.

The request may be frivolous, but the law underlying it isn’t. We have the right to be informed and that’s a new and powerful notion. Those of us lucky enough to have it.

*Hit the play button at the top of the page for the full story and fun accents too!

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2 thoughts on “2 NPR Stories to Make You Smile

  1. I so enjoyed this NPR story but more so, I love the concept and hope it may be something that could be considered here in the US. I see it as a very symbiotic relationship with the young and elderly, both getting things much needed and giving in the same way.
    Thank for posting this, Mac. I’ll do my best to spread it round as well. Great ideas need foot soldiers to carry them about.
    And I’ll be keeping my ear on the news on the 21st as well. Cheeky so n so, but a clever one, I’ll give him that.

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    1. well now i’m looking forward to see how you spread the good word. bet i’ll learn a thing or two.

      i’m right there with you, i hope more places test out these living arrangements. it sounds like a pretty new approach but i haven’t heard of a downside yet. and if it helps i bet there’s a reality show in it – one i would actually watch too!

      high school students, well students of all ages (more on that in a later post), have some great ideas.


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