Doctor’s Appreciation Day

national doctor's day

This monday is National Doctors’ Day. I’ve recently started helping out in a primary care office again and two insurance representatives hand delivered this lovely poster to the office the other day. It got me thinking.

Monetary Appreciation

If you want to appreciate doctors, specifically primary care – family medicine, internal medicine, and pediatrics – why not pay them more? Who knows, it might even cost less than paying representatives to hand deliver posters.

Administrative Appreciation

Since that won’t happen, how about educating patients about the administrative hassles and hoops, and countless hours these offices go thru. All to get them the wonderful hassle free services they pay you for.

Patient Appreciation

Speaking of patients, why not set up a program so doctors can nominate and recognize patients that follow their advice and succeed at lessening their own risk of diabetes or heart disease. You could hand deliver snazzy posters to those patients instead. Better yet, why not give them a discount on their monthly premiums.

Sincere Appreciation

Since that won’t happen, to those patients that already appreciate their doctors and their staff a big THANK YOU, to you. I can’t explain how a few short words of thanks, empathy, or simple understanding can change a day from bad to great.

And to those patients that think the only way to get decent service is to forgo all notions of human decency, I’ve got a great big thank you just for you.

Humble Appreciation

Before I go, let me say the insurance industry isn’t all bad. One insurance employee actually called the office back when our call got disconnected. After holding for more than 35 minutes that simple act was pretty awesome and appreciated more than any hand delivered piece of paper ever could be.

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2 thoughts on “Doctor’s Appreciation Day

  1. Ah, healthcare. While it’s vital for all, it has a way of creating near apoplectic fits for others. I can only imagine the gratitude your office feels for the fact that you’re there pitching in. Many hands make light work, right? Working in the healthcare field has got to be one of the most frustrating and rewarding career choices available, and when it comes down to the real nitty gritty, boy, oh, boy, are we all grateful when there’s somebody out there who knows what to do to help us out in times of need.
    I’ll remember to say a few more thank yous as I pass through my GPs office next visit.
    Cheers, Mac!


    1. shelley something tells me you’re the kind of person that always says a few more thanks yous just because. it’s also why i hope you’ll forgive my tardy reply. but i’m glad i waited, again.

      the best thing about the healthcare industry is how so many different individuals and groups work together, tirelessly, to help another person. and when it hums, boy howdy do you want to get up and dance! today was a good day.


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