Indian Macgyver Says

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Show me yours and I’ll show you mine.* The “best of” Chic Prune will be coming soon. The hold-up, I still don’t know if I should use the portfolio feature or image links in a table.

As I figure it out, it seems like a great time to ask, “What’s your best post?”

Drop a link, to the post or your own ‘greatest hits’ page, down in the comments. Think of it like the ‘Community Pool’ only themed for your best work. Be sure to riddle me this, what makes the post special to you?

I (infrequently) participate in MondayBlogs and want to share more than just my posts, which is another reason I’m asking to read your work. It’s also a great way to put our best feet forward and say, “Hi’ya.”

Unless you have toe fungus, then keep those puppies covered.

Man it really ain't easy being green, is it.
Man it really ain’t easy being green, is it.

– Cheers

*please no dirty pictures. i tried internet porn with my site**, but it never took off.

**what would you name your porn website (c’mon i had to ask)?

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© Chic Prune 2015


10 thoughts on “Indian Macgyver Says

  1. So I spent some time reviewing old posts to see which one I would share and why. First I thought I would share the one with the most views but I couldn’t figure out how to figure that out. And I’m lazy to boot. Then I started just reading the titles of my posts and when one resonated I’d open it and refresh my memory. Three of them stood out for different reasons. The only thing we have to fear reminded me that I’m done being afraid (mostly anyway).

    Howl at the Moon spoke to the madness, which I still occasionally experience and still refuse to deny, though I don’t advertise it either.

    I’m including Best Friends because even months after writing it, it makes me a little teary and very joyful at the same time.

    Maybe this should have been a separate post at my place? Sorry for flooding your comment section! Thanks for the idea Mac!

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    1. this is great janey! i’ll be sure read these over soon. i fixed the link to Best Friends (i think), so if that works i’ll delete the stand alone comment. hope that’s ok. i really like how you picked your posts out, ones that still resonate with you.

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  2. I think asking bloggers to pick their favorite personal posts is about as easy as pointing to one child you birthed and crowning him ‘loved best.’ A heartbreaking task. But I’m hoping you’ll have a comment board full of luscious words to read. A treasure chest of offerings, I’m sure, Mac.


    1. ha, i didn’t think of it that way. maybe that’s because i’m still relatively new to this and only have like 70 posts to peruse (and i don’t have any children). but if ends up being a treasure chest i won’t keep the map hidden or bury it somewhere hard to find. this type of treasure only gets richer the more people enjoy it.

      Croi follain agus gob fliuch, to you Shelley (i googled cheers in gaelic and liked this best)!

      p.s. how big is haggis? i got a close up look at your gravatar and realized he’s much bigger than i thought.


      1. Haggis is part sheep, part highland cow, so with all that hair it’s nearly impossible to calculate weight. I love him in his hairiest state though–there’s just SO much to hug!


    1. hey great link. by the description i thought it was one i had recently read about a time machine, but once i realized it wasn’t i stopped reading. i’ll be back later this weekend to read it properly. i hope a lot of people get a sense of pride from their blogs, though now i’m wondering if graffiti artists get the same sense of pride for tagging a building or overpass. they’re expressing themselves and arguably creating something too. anyway i’m just thinking out loud now.


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