Introducing The Fiction Writer’s Workshop and Lobster Lounge

Fiction Writer's Workshop Online Practice

Why, “The Fiction Writer’s Workshop and Lobster Lounge,” because I once saw a restaurant called, “Steak and Lobster Lounge,” and my imagination immediately started running.

It ran, through a room filled with people eating steaks, into a smaller smoke-filled room with lobsters swilling scotch while seated in leather tufted, wingback chairs. Some even wore a monocle or two (well maybe they were eyeglasses).

The Fiction Writer’s Workshop and Lobster Lounge is where I’ll share short pieces, connected or one-offs, based on exercises or chapters from the Fiction Writer’s Workshop. Reading the book, it gives you the excuse and encouragement to try new things with your writing which is great.

Tomorrow’s post, Drink Up, will be the first exercise. It’s actually something I’ve been working on based on a line from an older post, “too bad about the vodka.” Thanks to the first chapter, Sources of Fiction, I decided to let go and ended up with something very different in the end (the original draft was funny).

The chapter’s goal is to get you to pull facts into your fiction or push fiction into your facts. Drink Up, brief and dark, starts with fact and plays out in fiction. If there’s interest I’ll build on this piece in future FWWLL posts.

Lounges are made for people, a lot of people, so if you want to join The Fiction Writer’s Workshop and Lobster Lounge leave a comment below or email me and we can work out a way to organize everything.

Hopefully, my writing will open up a little, slow down some, and breathe deeper. How do you want your writing to improve?

p.s. An eclectic bookshelf is a worthwhile investment.

image by I.M.
© Chic Prune 2015


14 thoughts on “Introducing The Fiction Writer’s Workshop and Lobster Lounge

  1. Nice! I was going to say I’m not a fan of lobster, but scotch swilling, monocle wearing shellfish? I am SO there! But they’d better share!

    I’m interested too in your new venture and would enjoy participating on occasion.


    1. i don’t eat lobster that much, if at all, either. maybe that’s why i didn’t imagine people eating lobster either.

      glad you’re interested. any ideas on the easiest way to organize it?

      i was thinking i’d just email a synopsis of the chapter/main points and a few exercises i like and let people take it from there? no extra tags, or catching a specific post, etc.

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  2. You’re right, Mac, definitely ‘in sync’ this week. Personally, I’d love to see a monocled, scotch swirling lobster perusing through the books in my library. He and I could become very close indeed.
    Your lounge sounds a terrific idea. I hope you find a lot of takers to offer up their writing. I’ll be here to cheer them on–you included.


    1. cheering sections are always important, if there’s any truth to 80’s movies at all. i’ll give it time to grow, so hopefully it’ll be a fun, supportive space and the kinks will be worked out before a lot of people see them.


  3. this sounds like an interesting idea. Even though I’m a bit late to the party, I’d like to join in. I’m always up for improving my writing, and something to motivate me to make more time for it right now would be a very useful thing. Let me know how it works?

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    1. awesome, will do. i hope to get things underway this week, so you’re just in time.

      though i might be running myself. my water heater is giving me a right pain since it’s decided to stop working this weekend. so it’s extra cold here with no hot water.


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