Sweet Dreams

Annie Lennox is among the performers at this Sunday’s Grammys. Talk about sweet dreams. Better yet watch the video, then explain it to me.


There have been a lot of great Grammy performances over the years, more so since the show went back to showcasing the diversity of music. Diversity might be a strong word but for television it’s pretty apt.

Any Grammy performances still stand out to you? And if you aren’t in the US share moments from your country’s music awards show too.

*I’m a little behind this week, commenting and reading but hope to be back up to snuff this weekend.

© Chic Prune 2015


5 thoughts on “Sweet Dreams

  1. The only awards show I watch is the Brits (UK). But to be honest, I can’t really remember anything that particularly stands out.

    Annie Lennox is slightly before my time, but I know the song. It’s one of those that gets murdered. Are you a big fan of hers?


    1. is the Brits for music? i’ve heard of BAFTA awards guessing their like tv and movie awards.

      technically she’s a bit before mine too. sweet dreams came out before i was in kindergarten. but yeah i’m a fan of her voice, but her songs are hit and miss with me sometimes.


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