Coming Soon

how not to make coming soon

Part 1 of “How Not To Make Croissants” will be up this week, fingers crossed. Broken into three bite-sized steps it’s humorous, insightful, and tasty. Step 1 is background, Step 2 is recipes, and Step 3 is trial and error.

If you’re an expert on croissants feel free to chime in along the way. If you’re about to make your first croissant too — wait. Learn from my mistakes first and decide if they’re worth it.

And coming later this year are a couple more “How (Not) To” series. They are:

  • How To Live with Your Sister Sibling and Still Like Her Them
    • Step 1: Compromise
  • How Not To Cook Paella
    • Make it Vegetarian.

image by I.M.
© Chic Prune 2015


12 thoughts on “Coming Soon

    1. guess the header’s a keeper. it makes me smile a lot, glad others are smiling too. glad you’re curious and not a cat! i’m looking forward to actually getting these croissants going, i’ve been looking into them for a little while now.


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