As SkyMall falls is Skynet rising?

SkyMall, or stuff that is beyond my imagination, is filing for bankruptcy due to increased in-flight internet access.

Internet in the skies first, Skynet second. Just ask John Connor.

Have a good weekend y’all.


8 thoughts on “As SkyMall falls is Skynet rising?

  1. Never even heard of SkyMall before. Maybe it’s an American thing. Then again, I’m not a flyer, so maybe I wouldn’t have heard of it?

    Wow, I’m feeling out of the loop. Just had to google both Skynet and John Connor.

    Have a good weekend yourself. 🙂

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    1. it’s on planes, not sure if it’s just an american thing but it wouldn’t surprise me it was given what they sell.

      i think the loop for those references and jokes might be getting smaller, my sister didn’t get the references either and she’s older then me.

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  2. I agree with the article–Skymall always made me feel like I was reading something archaic and that resulted in a time warp mentality. So many of the items they’d have for sale were things I couldn’t believe they’d find a willing buyer for. But, the world is a funny place.
    Still, if it goes under, I’ll feel a touch of nostalgic melancholy. I have trouble with change in general.


    1. i agree, it’s weird that it ever made it this far. but i feel somewhat bad that it can’t find a way to be something ‘more.’

      i once talked to child, travelling alone between his divorced parents, about the magazine for the entire 40 minute flight. he had something from the magazine, ‘the one ring’ from lord of the rings i believe.


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