Choose Your Misadventure Vol. 1

choose misadventures

Forward — To all the readers that made this possible, thank y’all very much.

This thrilling interactive series first ran as individual posts. Readers then voted on the direction of the next chapter. Here, now, for the very first time anywhere — the entire misadventure. Are you game?


6 thoughts on “Choose Your Misadventure Vol. 1

  1. At first, I couldn’t understand where the link was to the entire story. Then I saw the numbers underneath – perhaps you could make them more prominent? Or is this just me being blind? Either way, I think it’s a good idea to collect the individual chapters into one place. Something I’m trying to accomplish with my connected short stories. Ahem, technical difficulties are behind the “try.”


    1. you’re not blind and it’s not only you. in preview they were right under the words so i think it’s my theme being stubborn or my luddite brain comprehending only so much. what’s technically ailing you at the moment?

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      1. Well, I managed to create a page for The Mission, but I can’t for the life of me get it to be actually anywhere on my blog. I want it to appear in the menu at the top of my page. But I don’t know how. It’s very frustrating. I just had to walk away from my laptop and take some very deep breaths!

        Technology can be very annoying sometimes. :/


      2. Nope, problem still ongoing. Short stories is a category that I use that I managed somehow to get onto the menu on my blog. I created a page for The Mission. It has all the link to the individual parts on it, but I can’t figure out how to get the page to show up somewhere on my blog.


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