The British are Leaving. The British are Leaving.

Netflix logo 2014
A lot of BBC shows on Netflix streaming are expiring* at the end of January. They might come back, I know. But in case they don’t some of the shows about to expire are: Luther, Dr. Who, A Bit of Fry & Laurie, and Fawlty Towers.

I recommend all of them. The first season of Luther is a great slow build. It’s ending visceral. Catch them while you can, to paraphrase Jack the Ripper.

You can find a full list of expiring titles at What’s on NETFLIX Now. I just found the site myself. Scroll through the comments for updated lists and some on point comments.

Thankfully shows labelled Netflix, like Peaky Blinders and Happy Valley, aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. I still need to start them.

*This may only apply to US viewers.

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9 thoughts on “The British are Leaving. The British are Leaving.

  1. I read this earlier on a news site. I was curious as to why these shows are being pulled from Netflix. Still don’t know why. :/


    1. the few bits i read say the contract between the bbc and netflix is expiring and the bbc wants to increase their rates. not sure if that’s all there is to it or if there’s other factors like contracts with amazon and hulu that factor in.

      i saw it on actual news sites too and it does make it seems like something’s going on.

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  2. Nooo dont recommend any more series to me! Im already hooked enough! I get the feeling that I watch every single one..but obviously I dont because I havent watch any of the ones you recommend. Maybe the British will come back 😉


    1. so what’s got you hooked right now? yeah my queue is so long, but it’s hard to start a series because you have to commit so much time to it, if it’s good. haven’t started breaking bad or sons of anarchy for that very reason.

      and if the british do come back, i hope they bring along some welsh friends too.

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      1. So many shows! but some of them are over now like breaking bad so my list is shorter. I like orange is the new black, house of cards, game of thrones, modern family, seinfeld and star trek! Thats to give you a taster! So many hours lost..

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      2. the first three are good, (i’ve only started them) i’ve seen all of star trek the next generation.

        i stumbled on a show called whitechapel recently (not on netflix). it’s a fun mix – feels like a show set in a different decade but isn’t. gives me a little british crime history without trying to be all life on mars (which is a great show though i don’t know how it ends).

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      3. All right, that one sounds really interesting! I’m going to check it out right now. I thought I watched a lot of TV but apparently I have competition! Haha.. If I come around something new and interesting I will let you know!


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