New Year, New Wall, Newish Blog

My year started off with a bang, or more precisely, a crash, then a bang. The car was accidentally parked in both the garage and the kitchen. I know most accidents happen close to home, but this close?!

Still, the impromptu renovation isn’t all bad. I can say a few good things about it*, the two most relevant are: 1) I didn’t do it, and 2) It prompted two improvements here at Chic Prune.

The tagline’s now, “Dependability’s Sexy.” Short, simple, and still makes me laugh. It’ll be up on the blog when I eventually make a new header. Also, the comment prompt, “Listen up Mac,” is new. Thanks to JaneyDoesBlogging, she shortens Macgyver to Mac all the time, it’s a natural fit.

That’s what’s new. Here’s what’s coming soon.

  • Why I.M. — how using a pseudonym helps me blog.
  • More interaction with fellow bloggers.
  • Two new Choose Your Own Misadventures
    • “Dating Online is Lying Offline” — a totally fictional, romantic comedy. I swear.
    • “Rosemary’s Grandbaby” — a supernatural story around Halloween.
  • More Food
    • How Not to Make Croissants
    • How Not to Make Paella
      • It’s, “How not to make…” because behind every great recipe there’s a great mess. Also I’ve never made these foods before.
  • More Me
    • How to Live with Your Sister and Still Like Her
      • A funny account of real life. Only this time, I’m right.

Look for all this and more throughout 2015. In the same format you’ve come to know and, I hope, love — humorous, quirky short posts on a regularly dependable schedule.

And better late than never, a look back at “The Lizard Drops,” and a story about vodka will hit the internet this month.

So does this sound interesting or just really interesting? Do you like the Misadventure story titles? I like “Rosemary’s Grandbaby,” but “Dating Online is Lying Offline,” may only be funny to me.

Have a great 2015 and don’t forget to buckle up in the car, or at the table.

images by The Macgyver Family
© Chic Prune 2015

* Some other things worth saying: 1) Don’t park a car while only wearing socks, you’ve been warned. 2) All’s fixed or new and improved. In fact, the only thing even slightly bruised is an ego. Oh and 3) Don’t park a car while only wearing socks. It bears repeating.


15 thoughts on “New Year, New Wall, Newish Blog

      1. Start small and as you improve you can make them bigger. Some tricks: don’t move the rice! And if at the end of cooking the rice is still hard, do not add more water! Cover it with a damp cloth and leave it for a while, it will keep cooking. I want pictures!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. much thanks! i’ll keep these tips in mind. but no small starts, big mistakes are more fun to post about 🙂 again big thanks, i’ll definitely be posting pics, though no fancy camera here. have you decided on one yet?

        Liked by 1 person

  1. Total bummer about the car! But I love your positive spin on the incident.
    And your 2015 line up sounds truly and wholly awesome. I can’t wait to be on this side of the screen as all that excitement barrels my way.
    Here’s to a year of some brilliant writing!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. the positive spin i have to say is due in part to family. we took it all in stride. i was commenting earlier, i might have bitten off more than i can chew – literally. i don’t know how much rice i can actually eat on this paella journey before i get sick of it. and i don’t know how much butter i should eat in my croissant odyssey. still a year of brilliant writing seems worth it.


  2. Definitely looking forward to the new Choose Your Own Misadventures. The rest of your line-up sounds interesting too. Lots to keep us entertained. 🙂

    And yes, not parking while wearing only your socks sounds like solid advice. And not trying to park the car in the kitchen and the garage at the same time – also a good idea. Glad it all worked out for you. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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