Walk the Dog

walk the dog a

But first, my gift giving philosophy worked out pretty good for everyone. I did get a foot pedicure file as a stocking stuffer, though. Is it a gag, or a not-too-subtle sign? I don’t know. I do know it seems like a ripe area worth a future post. But back to the one at hand, or paw.

Last Christmas, Sir got his first proper leash and walking vest. The ones you see above. It was a total gift package with a promise of regular walks included, at no extra charge. I kept my promise until my birthday, when I got food poisoning. It happens every year. My birthday, not the food poisoning. But I digress.

My point, I broke my promise. Walks, jogs, and runs were irregular, like something in a clearance bin, from then on out. Like a great dog he didn’t mind except when I got on the treadmill. Then he looked confused, to say the least. Still, this year I made the promise again. Mainly because it’s a cheap present, he didn’t need a new leash or vest.

So what you see above is also a Christmas gift. But walking the dog is a gift that keeps on giving. He gets to play, I get to exercise. He gets out and sniffs around. I get out and settle down. And since he doesn’t have much to say I even find the time to plan out a blog post. That is until we hit a rough patch, literally.

Then it’s like he’s overcome with a fit of OCD. He stops short, then starts hopping and twitching. His little legs trying to avoid the veritable obstacle course of tree twigs, leaves, and acorn shells ahead.

I’m overcome with a fit of laughter that can only be described as a Christmas miracle. There’s only one thing I can think of that walking the dog doesn’t give me — time to write this post. Hey, I’ll let sleeping dogs lie today.

This post’s for the Shelter Love prompt: What does the gift that keeps on giving, give? There’s no prompt for January.

And I’ve got one more post for 2014, a little tried and true advice for the new year. How many more posts do you have in store for 2014?

images by I.M.
© Chic Prune 2014


7 thoughts on “Walk the Dog

  1. I like the pictures. 🙂 And your dog seems lovely, and amusing.

    I’m not sure if I’ll do another post to end 2014, or not. It depends if inspiration strikes, and if I have the time. It’s scary how close the end of the year is now. It seems to have gone by in the blink of an eye.


    1. thanks, phoenix mostly he is. i can kind of relate, i’m still playing catch up with everything and everyone right now. i thought things would be wrapping up, but it doesn’t feel that way. still i might just call it a clean slate at midnight. i’ll go swing by your blog in a few, believe i saw post of yours in my reader.


    1. i actually fostered dogs from my local shelter for a few years before i finally adopted Sir. i didn’t know if i would have time either, but slowly (over years) i was able to make time and it’s really worth it in the end – mostly 😉 have a great 2015 maurova!!


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