5 News Stories of 2014 Worth Reading or Rereading

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A lot happened in 2014, which means a lot might have been missed. Here are my five favorite news stories of the year. Some are new to Chic Prune, so they might be new to you too, enjoy.

1. Science is amazing. Little facts, like the earth’s water being older than the sun, spark my imagination. Here’s hoping science fiction and fantasy writers dream up stories about deep space well-diggers, interplanetary ice harvesters, and more!

The water's fine.
The water’s fine.

But the ending quote by lead scientist, Ilse Cleeves is perfect:

— uncovering these kinds of direct links between our daily experience and the galaxy at large is fascinating and puts a wonderful perspective on our place in the universe.”

2. We’ve all felt like we’re losing our minds at one time or another. The University of Texas, though, literally has. Even though zombies are all the rage right now this story’s strange. Still, guess the old adage is true — truth is stranger than fiction.

3. Forbes writes a great piece about Pinterest. I’m not on it but it’s fascinating, insightful, and thorough. The differentiation between Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter is the best part, and also slightly unnerving. That alone is worth the read.

4. Working at Yahoo! doesn’t sound great. In fact, it reminds me of the “Barbarians at the Gate.” Well the parts of it I read — that book’s long. But if you read this till the end, the gossip gets pretty juicy.

5. And my favorite news piece of 2014, Maryam Mirzakhani wins the Fields Medal. She’s the first woman to do so, a fact that’s both enlightening and illuminating. She’s not alone, here are a few other winners this year and a little info about the prize.

Bonus Story: I’m not sure if this counts as one or two stories, so it’s a bonus instead. I missed the original investigation report about nazis receiving benefit checks. Thanks to that, new legislation closes the loophole and stops future checks.

What news stories caught your attention this year? Drop a link and tell me why below. I’ll read any news stories you share but I may be slow in replying. Cheers and Happy New Year, just in case!

images by pixabay.com
© Chic Prune 2014


3 thoughts on “5 News Stories of 2014 Worth Reading or Rereading

  1. Okay, the brains? Shudder.

    I liked the story about Maryam Mirzakhani winning the Fields Medal the best as well. It’s an inspiring thing. I remember reading the story a while ago and smiling. Women are really stepping into the light more and more.

    Happy New Year to you too. 🙂 I find it very scary that there’s only one week left in the year. :/


    1. right, the brains thing is so weird because even if it was graduate students – they should really know better. and totally agree with you about MM and women in general. i too find time running away from me but i guess it’s better than time running towards me! hopefully i’ll get some time and write a proper new years post, but Happy New Year as well. got big plans or small ones? i’m staying in, it’s just so much easier 🙂

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