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chic seasons greeting card

Merry Christmas! Yes it’s early. But Christmas came early for me and mine this year. So, I’m sharing my yuletide spirit with you. We’re talking real early — Dec. 2, folks.

We didn’t have presents or dancing sugar plums tormenting our dreams. We just had Darlene Love singing, live in concert. I repeat, Darlene Love live in concert. It was awesome! I’m now a fan of hers, not just one of her songs.

Unlike Thanksgiving, Christmas isn’t filled with too many traditions. We have some, like wrapping presents to “A Christmas Story,” and watching Darlene Love on David Letterman. I say watching but we crank it up to 11 and sing, baby.

Can you blame us?

In case you don’t know, tonight’s the last time Darlene Love will sing this song on the Late Show with David Letterman, he retires next year. It also looks like this will be the last time she sings it on tv, ever. So set your dvrs, because I might need a back-up.

Family fights are another tradition this time of year. Call it winter madness or maybe we’re just trying to stay warm. Whatever the reason, sparks fly. And here’s what’ll be heard before the year’s out. Introducing,

Indian Macgyver’s Comic Christmas

graphic christmas to be continued

The last one’s heard year round. It’s like gasoline, oil, and tnt wrapped up in a powder keg. But’s that’s a whole other post, stay tuned. My gift giving and receiving policy this year is, it’s not what you want but it’s what you got. It should work out good for me.

Share some of your holiday traditions — the good, the bad, or the ugly sweaters. Ever try to start a new one?

Merry Christmas Y’all!

P.S. 20 Feet from Stardom, the Oscar winning documentary, featuring Darlene Love and many more is streaming on Netflix. It’s worth watching. In fact, I’ll be rewatching it because some of my family hasn’t seen it yet.

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11 thoughts on “Indian Macgyver Says

    1. yeah the video rocks 🙂 it’s a special commemorative video cbs put out this year. i was really happy to find it. hopefully they don’t take it down, because i’ll reuse it next year for sure! oh and the documentary on netflix, 20 feet…might be a quick and easy way to learn about some of her music.

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  1. Love the comic-y thing. 🙂 Made me smile.

    My main Christmas tradition seems to be panicking at the last minute. Shopping, hoping and praying things get delivered on time, and that the shops actually have some food left.

    And I can empathise with the family fights. There’s usually at least two of us at it.

    Oh well, That’s Christmas, I suppose.


    1. thanks, it took me way longer than i planned but i like it too. i’m hoping to avoid panic mode this year, hence my new gift philosophy. but i think last year, there was an ice storm and here in texas we don’t handle those well. so gifts everywhere were delayed. it made the news and everything, apparently this is a big shipping hub for certain things like fed-ex, and ups, etc.

      holiday fights, if only someone made keepsake ornaments to cherish those times!

      oh i have to read the finale to The Mission tomorrow, dinner won’t cook itself.

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  2. So many traditions, so many beautiful, heart-warming traditions. My favorite would be our Christmas Eve family meal where we move around the table to individually share what we wish for each other in the upcoming year. It’s very personal, eyeball to eyeball and heart to heart. I love it.
    I wish you the merriest of holidays! Cheers

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    1. that’s a great tradition. i should have written something about ornaments in this post too. ours are full of memories, history and reminders of many, many friends and family. wishing you the same as well, gleefully!


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