Barbarians at the Gate – Yahoos are Knocking

This article about Yahoo! reminded me of the “Barbarians at the Gate.” Well the parts of it I read —that book’s long 😉 This isn’t as long but is Yahoo’s story over?

p.s. If you read the article, let me know your opinions on the NYT’s page layout. Do you like it or not, and why? Right now I’m not a fan.


6 thoughts on “Barbarians at the Gate – Yahoos are Knocking

  1. Wow, I guess I’m too easily bored. I managed to get through only a few paragraphs of the article, no way am I going to try the book! As for the NYT layout – meh. It was just okay but I really hated that bottom pop-up window. Every time I scrolled too fast it would activate and drive me crazy.

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    1. ha, i think the nyt layout had something to do with it. it just sucks you dry and makes you feel the article will never end. and you’re so right about the bottom pop-up window. but the article does get a little more human, less dry and way more gossipy, when it discusses the majority of her missteps later on.

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  2. This is fantastic. Thanks for sharing it. The NY article is amazing. I read the book Barbarians at the Gate a while ago, and the comparison is right on.
    I cannot compare the previous layout with this one but found this one boring.

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    1. the best bits are near the bottom when it describes just how weird things are at yahoo. but yeah reading on the nyt page is not a pleasant experience which is weird given their main business is, well, reading.


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