Too bad about the vodka

janeydoe sets this piece up swell. so i’ll just say this, janey’s good for a laugh but she’s also good for a read. snippets from, “Maxwell’s Silver Bullet,” will definitely leave you wanting more.

Janey Does Blogging

A while back my buddy Indian Macgyver over at Chic Prune posted a wonderful photo he’d taken with his phone for a minimalist challenge.  The photo was beautiful but it was his comment about a teeny vodka bottle not being included with the dolls that led to our exchange in the comments which in turn led to this post.  So, go check out his photo and the comments.  Then come on back here and read the story it inspired.  Happy weekend everyone!

Victor stumbled into the dim living room, barely missing the body curled into a fetal position near the end of the sofa.  Damn, his head was splitting.  He should call out sick, he thought.  Then a gauzy shred of sanity hit him and he remembered today was the office holiday party.  Victor had been waiting months to give his boss the gift to top all other gifts. He had to…

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4 thoughts on “Too bad about the vodka

    1. that’s the fun of blogging, stumbling on something otherwise overlooked, at least for me. but our comment conversation along with a few other comments on that post made for an impromptu sounding board, and inspiration for a post. if only it made me write at a faster pace!

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