Baby, it’s cold outside?!

warmth 1

There’s a saying in Texas, “If you don’t like the weather, wait a minute.” It’ll change. But change ain’t easy. Just try changing lanes in traffic. Let me explain.

My day started all sunny and bright, then traffic hit. It stayed put and so did I — the temperature didn’t. I was still on the road when the magic hour struck. But the real trick was staying warm.

Stuck in Texas holiday traffic you notice things, some good, some bad. The images below were taken from the passenger’s seat, of a ‘moving’ car :o. Hey I don’t call myself Indian Macgyver for nothing. Talk about capturing the moment!

(I’m not driving, just to be clear 🙂 )

I wouldn’t have taken any of these pics if Photo 101 hadn’t been fun. So in that spirit and some holiday cheer too, if you feel like playing a matching game keep reading.

Pair the temps with the correct pictures, A-D above. All degrees are in Fahrenheit: 28º, 36º, 76º, and 80º. If it helps, pics A and B were taken on the same day. I’ll post answers on Friday, good luck and stay warm!

A little music to get you in the mood 😉

images by I.M.
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