Choose Your Own Misadventure Part 4


The Lizard Drops

Previously: Ash stares at two houses. The one to his right is lit, the one to his left is dark. He knows only one is real, but which one. For the last time, what should Ash do?

Choose the house to his right.✔
Choose the house to his left.

Ch 4: Ashes to Ashes

Stories end. Some linger happy ever after, others snap shut like a trap. Ash’s is about to end. He knows it and wants it to, if it means this night ends too. “Well Sirs, it looks like it’s just me and you. Which do I choose, the house on my right or the one on my left?”

The dogs look up at Ash and start shaking their heads. “Scratching your ears isn’t an answer,” Ash says, swaying. Shaky from the fall, cold wind blows. Some decisions you must make yourself, he realizes. The house on my right is lit. The one on my left is dark. Light or dark, known or unknown. God I’ve got a splitting headache.

Pain swells in Ash’s body, vomit rises in his throat. He runs. Time runs faster. His body burns, each step pains. Eyes tired, closed, he veers to the right and throws his body through the open door. Warmth hits him like a soft kiss. He stumbles further inside, falls on the couch.

Ash rubs his legs, his head, then his eyes. The warm air stifles. “It’s over. This night’s finally over Sir.” He leans back, sinks deeper in the sofa. He feels for Sir and something soft, sticky, warm feels back. “Stop licking my hand Sir. Your breath stinks, even all the way up —” Sir barks. It’s loud, clear like earlier. He’s outside.

Reflexes strike. Ash’s arm reels back. Cushions undulate, the couch swallows him more. Eyes open. The floor moves, walls close in. Hot breath’s all around. Crouched, Sir barks at the open door, like he barked at the lizard. It snaps shut. The room dark, moist. Too late Ash knows. The lizard swallows.

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Fun Facts:
That’s a wrap. Ash ran into the house seeking comfort but found himself being comfort food for a lizard instead. Magical realism’s crazy, right 😉 My thanks to everyone who joined me on this misadventure. More on this later.

But I’ll say this, I wanted to reach this choice – being comfortable vs uncomfortable. It mirrors this experiment. Try it and maybe fail or don’t and never know. Please click the short survey below and share your thoughts or leave a comment.

But first, as promised, here’s my original mission statement, unchanged. Did I meet it?

Mission Statement:

The Lizard Drops is a tale about choices, well obviously. But less obviously too. We choose the best option we can, in the moment. That choice leads us somewhere. Despite our best reasoning and rationalizing we’re always choosing between the same two things — what we know and what we don’t.

Hope you enjoyed this storytelling adventure. Hope I did too! — October 20th, 2014.

A follow up post will run late this week or next, and I’ll put the whole story together. Thanks.

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© Chic Prune 2014


7 thoughts on “Choose Your Own Misadventure Part 4

    1. seriously, thanks. i might be game for more something more involved now that i now a little about blogging, polls, the mechanics and all. i still need to learn more but this was a great experience. p.s. i might ask for help too.


  1. Really liked the ending to this. I never saw it coming. 🙂 The theme is very appropriate for me right now – the choice between known and unknown. Choosing the unknown is quite often the biggest adventure, but the easiest option is to choose the lit house, the situation we know and feel safe in. But that can swallow us whole, and mean we never have those adventures, we never grow and experience new things.

    To choose the unknown is to be brave.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. i agree, i’m trying to take chances myself and i’m not always sure they make sense. but i’m not sure they would be chances if they did make sense when you make them…ok hopefully that doesn’t sound as nonsensical as i fear it might 😉 weirdly i’m noticing the more chances i take the easier it is to handle those that don’t pan out. but i also believe if you try and stay safe, chance will find you when all you want is stability. hence my phrase, choose misadventure or it will choose you! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I like the idea of leaping into the unknown. Surprises abound–and we oftentimes end up thoroughly surprising ourselves with the excitement of doing something novel and new. And yes, brave. Cultivating courage is something we try to teach our children, but I think we all know we have to lead in that example.
    The lizard drops tale was a lovely experiment with story. Hope you end up trying your hand at it again!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. i want to, so i might. i like leaping more now than i did before. and you’re right, surprises were (and are) everywhere. the best, for me, was hitting a wall and eventually realizing the answer wasn’t going forward into more detail but looking back, picking up and expanding on a detail i had overlooked. anyway that’s just one surprise i fell into and it’s one of the reasons i hope to return to this style of story telling soon.


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