Doctor, Tell Me

… you kissed her back?
No. I kissed her mouth.

Who’s your favorite Doctor or Companion?

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Rory asks The Doctor
S5:E6, The Vampires of Venice


6 thoughts on “Doctor, Tell Me

  1. Favorite? Doctor? Well, if I HAVE to pick just one then I’d have to say Christopher Eccleston, with David Tennant running a close second. Third and fourth would be Tom Baker and Peter Capaldi. If I HAD to pick you understand. 🙂

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    1. wow, it’s hard to disagree with your picks. ecclecston got me back into DW but baker started it all, though his scarf played a part. K-9 didn’t hurt either. ecclecston is hard to describe which is why i think he worked so well. but Rose didn’t hurt either. tennant was good, just different, so no complaints. his doctor was more fun though. I still need to see capaldi but i like him very much in ‘thick of it.’ and the unsung rory and river song actually helped me liked matt smith’s doctor, amy pond just didn’t create any ripples.

      so got a favorite episode?


      1. I don’t know whether I can pick a favorite. I loved Are You My Mummy and Don’t Blink for pure creepiness. And who didn’t like the Ood? 😊

        One that I keep finding myself to wanting to see again is the one in the library; strangely, I can’t remember the title of that one.

        Tom Baker is JD’s favorite and years ago I crocheted him his very own scarf. That was before I learned to knit.

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      2. the ood are odd. i think ‘are you my mummy’ is the episode i first watched. if it’s about the war, a boy, and gas masks then it’s the reason i kept watching the series, out of order and all! i don’t remember ‘dont blink’ by the title but it sounds like an angels one and they were pretty cool monsters.

        the one episode i really enjoy for several reasons is the, ‘the doctors wife.’ humor, a crazy biting woman, and the voice of michael sheen make for a great story.

        and i think i commented on one of your posts about, ‘poor jd’ i now stand/type corrected. no man’s poor when he’s sporting a dw scarf specifically made for him! that’s seriously very cool janey.

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  2. Tom Baker. Hands down. Best Doctor ever. I think he is the most iconic of them all. His height, his hat, his scarf. Followed shortly after by David Tennant. David’s ability to draw you in with his facial expressions alone, aided by his boyhood charm, and smoothed out by his ability to show anger that truly felt…angry.

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    1. baker’s version is the one i remember most, but with a scarf like that you’re gonna be remembered. tennant really did a good job of anger. i didn’t notice it until he left and matt smith took over. the stories were noticeably different, probably for a number of reasons, but smith’s anger played more like outbursts or fits. the anger didn’t last, it didn’t feel rooted in anything.

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