Canine Stomachache Investigation, the following events are true-ish. Sadly, there’s no theme tune to go with it. One evening, my sister says, “Something’s wrong with Sir. He’s not eating.” Some sentences sink in slowly, others like an anchor.
csi shelter love

“What’s wrong Sir? Why aren’t you eating?” There’s no response. Then my other sister says, “Look! The chip I gave him earlier is still here on the living room floor.” I rush to the scene. The cool ranch evidence lies there, untouched. “When did you give it to him,” I ask. “Not long ago,” she says when my mother chimes in from the kitchen. “Looks like he didn’t eat the almond I gave him either.”

I run to the kitchen, clock the almond, and look for other clues. Did he eat something that’s making him sick or making it hard for him to swallow, I wonder. Hoping to solve this mystery, I scour the kitchen. That’s when my father asks, “Who let him out last?” We stop, look at one another. No one answers, because no one did. So I open the door and Sir runs out, relieving us all.

The poor guy was stuffed, literally!

Happy Thanksgiving — gobble, gobble, gobble.

The Shelter Love theme for November is Feast. Join in there’s still time, or check back Dec 1-3 for a new theme and prompt!

image pixabay.com
© Chic Prune 2014


8 thoughts on “C.S.I.

  1. Perfect graphic for this marvelous post! Our Beagle Peaches eats everything within reach including wrappers carelessly left on the coffee table. If she stopped eating we’d KNOW something was wrong! 🙂 Glad Sir is A-OK!


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