Choose Your Own Misadventure Part 3


The Lizard Drops

Previously: Sir runs off into the night and Ash runs after him. Torn, he looks back one more time, and the lights go off. What should Ash do?

Go find Sir before something happens to him.✔
Go back to his house and see what’s going on.

Ch 3: Double Vision

Ash looks at the house, his house, and watches the lights, his lights, turn on and off in sequence. The porch light, first. Then the living room lights flick on and off, like reflex. The stair light’s next, until the upstairs hallway’s alight. This feels familiar, he thinks. When his bedroom light turns on, it hits him, I do this every night before bed.

Transfixed, Ash wonders is this what an out of body experience is like. Is this really even happening?! Screeching tires and a muffled yelp confirm, it’s real. Able to move again, he runs toward the street light. As he looks for any sign of Sir, he begs, “Please be ok, please be ok.” In darkness, he listens. There’s no reply.

He turns down the street, running, listening. He hears a soft, hard panting behind him. He stops, turns. Something’s in the shadow of the street light. “How did I miss him?” Ash walks toward the light. Closer, he sees the body of a dog. Unwilling to move, he forces himself closer, too close.

The scared dog bites his leg. He hits the asphalt hard, relieved. It’s not Sir. Ash sits up, rubs his head, and eyes the dog carefully. It’s weak, hurt. “Hey there, looks like we have something in common.” Gently he pets the dog, it shudders. He’s cold too. He pulls his hand back into the light, shivering. It’s wet with blood.

Ash tries to run for help. His leg slows him down. He tries harder. On his street, tired, he stops cold. The trash bins are all upright, like nothing ever happened. Ignoring his leg, the obvious signs something isn’t right, Ash runs. What else can he do, but stop cold.

His head and body crash, crunch, and thud on the cold, hard road. Trash bins litter the street again, taillights silently fade away, and his eyes swell with water. “Stop licking me Sir, please….” Happy, Ash passes out.

“Oww!” Ash wakes, his head, body in pain. Slowly, he opens his eyes but shuts them fast. He opens them, nothing’s different. Transfixed, he stares at two dogs, identical to Sir. Worse, Ash sees two homes identical to his. The one to his right has a light on. The one to his left is dark. “What The F — ” It hurts too much to yell.

Calmly, he stands. Shaky he reasons, “Only one Sir’s real, my Sir. So only one house is real, but which one?” He can’t shake feeling this might be the last decision he makes.

Fun Facts:
1) Yes, the magical realism tag’s in play.
2) This thrilling misadventure wraps up Monday, December 8th, with the final chapter — Ashes to Ashes.
3) I took the pic of that street light.
4) Catch this, I write, The Lizard Drops and these are invented. Coincidence, you decide 😉

lizard by
street light by i.m.
© Chic Prune 2014


11 thoughts on “Choose Your Own Misadventure Part 3

  1. What could be better than having one Sir? Having two! Having two identical houses I’d likely refuse as I’m thinking how much I’d grumble over making twice as many beds.
    Loved chapter 3 and I’m waiting with bated breath to see what next unfolds.


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