Call the Calvary

Or just call Netflix because it picked up Longmire for a fourth season, which streams in 2015. So with last season’s cliffhanger, we just have to hold on a little longer.


7 thoughts on “Call the Calvary

      1. I know that when they get close to releasing Season 4 we’ll probably binge watch all of Season 3 again. I love the show so much I might watch all 3 again before the new one comes out. 😀

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      2. i started watching the show b/c of vic, but henry really grew on me as they layered his character. vic’s story goes off with the whole backstory coming into play, for me. but i haven’t seen it play out yet. walt’s good too, really like his acting. i would never know he’s australian.

        oh have you ever noticed, branch and vic look like they’re wearing the same size jeans?!


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