Say Cheese

I’m participating in Photo 101 to have more fun and less frustration taking pics. Apparently, stress isn’t a good look in a selfie 😉

Clockwise from top left.

Self Portrait: Well if you’ve been curious what I look like, this won’t help. But it might make you smile. There’s some similarity, we both share a je ne sais quois appeal. But he’s French. I’m not.

Water: This was by happenstance. Someone dropped the spoon in the water and I really liked the refracted image. Hopefully it comes through in the pic.

Blissful Hope: This is cool because it’s a Walgreens in Texas and equality for everyone seems like the picture perfect image of Bliss. I wanted to write a post about it, but all I have to say — I just did.

Lock and Key: My first pic using the grid feature on my phone. It makes a huge difference if, like me, you have trouble placing the focal point of the image.

Lucky Me: This is my symbol of home. It’s always been on my parent’s house. So yeah, to survive my family you need a little luck 🙂


Solitude’s End: Very avante gard, n’est-ce pas? This street struck me as interesting given the theme. I normally would’ve stopped taking pics when I heard the car but since this is about experimentation I kept clicking.


Peek-a-Boo: This unannounced drop-by gave me the perfect reason to test out the night setting, after failing to scare him away.

All images are from my Samsung Galaxy phone and only the brightness or contrast have been adjusted. These aren’t all strictly theme based but if you have tips drop them in the comments section. If you’re also using a Samsung phone, what do you think gets you the best images?

images by -i.m.
© Chic Prune 2014


19 thoughts on “Say Cheese

  1. The funny thing is that before reading the text and other pics, I made up a story of the collage: this would be a post about a relationship, a marriage to happen, etc. LOL.
    If I had to choose a number one, without the text, I would go for the Solitude’s End.
    Good shots!


  2. who said you can’t take nice photos from your phone!! I use my iPhone for Instagram all the time (rarely for the blog though). The 2 components of a good photo are: natural light and composition!! (using the grid is helpful too). Got to love your self portrait and the keys photo!


    1. hi anna, yeah natural light is hard to capture unless you’re ready for it. still practice makes perfect, or at least better than you started out…hopefully 😉 i’m particularly happy with the keys too.


  3. Good pictures. I’m a useless photographer myself and don’t even have a semi-decent camera (on my phone or otherwise), so I can’t offer any tips as such. A diverse collection, but Blissful Hope and Lucky Me are my favourites. I love the simplicity of the latter and the message of the former. I didn’t even know those types of cards existed, so I’ve learned something new as well. Keep snapping, you’re good. 🙂


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