Choose Your Own Misadventure Part 2


The Lizard Drops

Previously: Sir grows quiet as a crash, crunch, and thud from the front yard echoes in the cold night. The motion sensing light slowly wakes as Sir begins to growl.

Ch 2: Lights

Ash snaps his fingers, telling Sir to sit and be quiet. Like every good dog, Sir does what he’s told. But what about a good man, what does he do? Ash wonders. Why am I going out there? He doesn’t know the answers to his questions. But he knows one thing. He’s not going anywhere, unarmed.

He grabs a dandelion weeder, the only thing on the patio besides a few chairs and pots, and heads out to the front yard. The motion sensing light’s wide awake. So, it’s easy to see what caused the noise earlier. The trash bins have been knocked over, every single one. The street’s littered with them.

Picking up his bin, Ash mumbles aloud, “What the f — ” His front door closes and cuts him short. Slowly he turns, facing his house. Peering into the darkness, he can’t see anything. The porch light’s inexplicably off. Out of the corner of his eye, he sees a flame flicker, a puff of smoke, and something step into the light.

Ash turns, tightens his grip on the weeder. “Hey Ash, sorry didn’t mean to surprise you,” Tom exhales into the night air. “Oh no…I thought I heard…I just came out here….” Ash points to the fallen trash bins and says, “Hey did you hear anything?”

“Just the bins falling. Same thing happened two streets over recently. They think it’s kids joyriding around,” he laughs as he continues, “probably in an electric car. They’re real quiet.” He stubs his cigarette butt out, before waving good night. “If you’re gonna weed, at least, turn on your porch lights.”

“But I left them on…” Ash mutters as he stares in the darkness. He can’t see anything, but he hears something. The porch floods with light as the bulbs flick on. Ash squints to focus, using his free hand to block some of the glare. Unblinking, something stares back at him. It’s Sir.

“Sir?! How did you get out here?” Instinctually, Ash moves closer and Sir stands, ears down, teeth bared. Ash stops cold and snaps his fingers. Sir doesn’t budge. “Hey. Sit.” Ash snaps again. Sir cocks his head askew, like he’s confused. “Sir, sit.” But Sir snaps back instead and runs down the street.

Ash spins around, lets the weeder fall, and runs after him. At the end of the block, Ash turns hoping Sir doubles back to the house. He hears the familiar sound of falling trash bins in the distance and turns back towards the dark street. Torn, he looks back at the house one more time, and the lights go off.

Fun Facts:
1) I do have said weeder and it’s currently on my patio, but the weeds have won.
2) We’re at the halfway point. There’s only one or two more polls before the wrap up.
3) In case you missed it, here’s Sir’s debut at Chic Prune.

Check out where are we if you get lost and for more info. And as always leave a comment or Tweet me.

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9 thoughts on “Choose Your Own Misadventure Part 2

  1. Very nice. Love the dandelion weeder – nice detail.

    I think it would be good to have a reminder of what the options were last time at the top of the chapter. I’d like to remember and see if what I voted for got written.

    And only two more? 😦


    1. good idea, i’ll try and see how best to add it in. thanks for implying you want this to continue 😉 but i figure this test run should be short. see what people like, what they don’t, etc. and hey a dandelion weeder has to be good for something, b/c it doesn’t do squat on weeds!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Ha! I chortled, when you picked up the dandelion weeder as a weapon! Now chortling is serious business. Much more effective than an l.o.l. which is ubiquitous in addition to being very annoying. Originality calls for an original response. So. I chortled!!! On to the next chapter, please, as soon as we’ve heard from Sir (as per my prompt.) Judy


    1. that’s a temptation i faced too. it’s great knowing the story holds fun even after the polls have closed. and since i like your writing it’s even greater to hear. the conclusion drops next week. if you missed it here’s the third part -


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