You literally take my breath away Sir. And that’s because I’m allergic to you. But don’t worry I won’t give you up. I know, I’m no prize either. Even though I smell better than you do, usually.

But since you’re reading this post today I want you to remember this one simple fact— no matter who feeds you I’m the one picking up your poop.

So when I call, listen. When I cut your nails, let me. When my friends are over, they’re your friends too. But don’t get too attached. And even when you shed, so much I start thinking Cruella De Vil was just misunderstood, I’m still glad you’re around. Now if you could only talk. Nope. Bad idea.

Thanks for reading, Sir. Now let’s go for a…Wait for me you monster!

Well this is Sir, underneath the mop of fur. The Daily Post used my writing prompt suggestion today so I figure I should participate. Also look for the next post in The Lizard Drops this week!

© Chic Prune 2014


17 thoughts on “Lovesick

    1. thank you. i would let him read your compliment but when he’s at the computer, he keeps trying to eat the mouse! seriously thanks for stopping by, i’ll swing by and see what you told your pet.


  1. Sir cuts quite the dashing figure! And look at that great smile! I so know what you mean; I wish Peaches (our Beagle) could understand us beyond “treat!”. Nice that they used your prompt idea too! 🙂


    1. if you think he looks good you should see his owner! but you’re not the only one to comment on his smile/teeth, at least he won’t need braces! i wish he could understand me around strangers, it would make us both a little calmer. plus all the youtube videos we could make would make a fortune.

      i suggested it b/c i hadn’t been using their prompts a lot and thought why not throw one out i would use too.

      how old is peaches?


  2. I loved the ‘food’, ‘no-food’ shots. He’s adorable and expresses his point clearly. Proud of seeing your suggestion featured today and had to use the prompt. Just finished but didn’t publish it yet.


      1. Even if there isn’t a dog day, you can always sneak Sir in another assignment. Hey, a photographer must bring unique perspectives. You’re sweet! But i’m not sure this specific post is any good. Let’s see. I’m trying to fix a featured image issue which refuses to show, then i hit publish.

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