Flip This Blog

I’ve made a few renovations around here. Please tell me if the blog’s now more of a flipper or a flopper. First, there’s the header courtesy of bgpatterns and my own handiwork. I like it because it :

  • provides an improvised site logo,
  • brings attention to my sliding menu,
  • and, it adds a clear and visible tagline.

Since the blog is random right now, a general header feels appropriate.

The menu’s streamlined and updated. The social widgets* are smaller and circular. But they still need tweaking, especially in size. Also there’s now a Block Party page. So readers, did I flip or flop with these changes?

Embed from Getty Images
Bonus Idea:
“How to Blog Good Naked” This may just be a great title, but it may also be a great idea. If anyone wants to hash out the details we could co-post a series together, perhaps it’s humorous and helpful, or silly and far-fetched, or dare I say a photo essay!

Anyway it’s a spin on a show I’ve never seen, “How to Look Good Naked.” I’m only guessing, but eating right and exercising aren’t two of their tips. But that’s ok, they aren’t our tips either. So interested?

*I’ve put the postaweek badge as a social icon, I know.

© Chic Prune 2014


10 thoughts on “Flip This Blog

      1. I haven’t made up my mind yet. One of our fellow bloggers gave me the idea of posting each day’s progress – more to ensure I worked my tail off in order to avoid embarrassing myself with low word counts! That sounded a bit scary bit I have to admit a sort of thrill too.


  1. Looking gorgeous! The red pattern is chic and sexy, like blogging regularly, right?

    I was going to ask you for a blog co-post date on inbox, so you could still say no, and I wouldn’t be publicly put to shame 😉 as am a bit shy; but now that you are so good looking…I’d better blog the good naked truth here as well.
    I don’t know if you think that my style fits yours, so please be honest.

    Ps. Where is the adventure follow up? Did you stop it?


    1. ha, don’t you know it! a co-post would be great, thank you for asking. i’ll email you on monday so we can work out all the details. there’s no shame here at chic prune lucile, unless it’s about the name – chic prune! the adventure story is in the works. the polls closed on wed. so i started drafting and i hope to post again next friday, maybe wed. if it works out. thanks. 🙂


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