Block Party

block party.png

The heat’s finally breaking so let’s keep this party cracking! Inspiration is this month’s theme, because these four bloggers have inspired me to try some new things. As you know they’re listed alphabetically.

First up, Lucile de Godoy. Simple touches on her blog, like her stellar “leave a reply” prompt, prompted me to change mine. Throughout her blog, the touches beautifully connect and create a bigger, friendlier picture of her.

Next, Paula Reed Nacarrow introduced me to MondayBlogs with her social practice page. It’s a twitter event that feels very big and overwhelming. I said as much and she was kind enough to share tips about it in a very informative comment.

Third, is Phoenix Grey85. She participates in Friday Phrases and now so do I. It’s also a twitter event and it’s also a lot of fun. Weird but good, check it out. She’s got more posts about it than I can link to, so be sure to swing by them all.

And lastly, SomniVision. Honestly, I haven’t used the tip he suggests but that’s only because I don’t have enough content, yet. To see a shortcode pull in specific posts to a page plus some cool art, to boot, click away.

Well — But wait there’s more! Yes, more bloggers are at the new Block Party page! There’s a link in the sliding menu if you want to stop by later. But for now stop reading and start dancing, or drinking, or eating — your choice. A vibrant community makes blogging fun, so say hi anytime.

© Chic Prune 2014

7 thoughts on “Block Party

  1. Hey, am I late to the party? Can I have a bottle of Leffe? Thanks for having one of my favorites…Now serious..
    Yeah, I was finding a way to arrive discreetly, and not immediately take the 10-pages speech I prepared to thank-you-so-very-much-for-the-honor-to-mention-my-blog-here. I’m touched, really. The best things are the ones you don’t expect; and when you get them from people you don’t know in person, but learned to admire through a virtual connection, it has double the value. Ok, I said it. Can I have another beer?


    1. Cheers! glad you stopped by. and seriously weird timing, when you mentioned one of my pieces in your recent post i was editing this post. it’s true surprises are great, unless it’s a pie in the face – then it’s delicious 🙂 ok let me get you that bottle opener now.


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