Choose Your Own Misadventure Part 1


The Lizard Drops

Ch 1: The Signs

Signs are everywhere, big ones like billboards to small ones like click here. Some we see, others we don’t. They lead us where we want to go or keep us away from danger. But some are so small we overlook them, like hidden glances or late nights at work. Then there are signs we don’t know about, like falling lizards.

When a lizard drops more is sure to follow. It’s an old saying. But it’s true. If you ever see a lizard fall don’t try and find out why. Take a cue from the lizard, freeze or run away. Lizards don’t fall without a reason, as Ash is about to find out.

Ash’s story begins one unseasonably hot night in October, as he takes Sir¹ out for the night. “Come on old man. Go.” Sir looks at Ash pointing towards the door, then at the open door, then back at Ash. “Bhaisaab², please. Let’s go.” Ash steps outside, hoping Sir will follow. When, seemingly, out of nowhere a lizard drops.

“Whoa there little guy, you ok?” Before the lizard answers or Ash moves closer, Sir’s out the door and standing in between Ash and the lizard. “Whoa Sir, what’s got into you?” Sir doesn’t answer. But old dogs don’t move fast without a reason. Some dogs smell bombs, some cancer, and some can even smell diabetic seizures. But all dogs smell danger. They know, curiosity’s strictly a cat’s game. Humans aren’t so smart.

“Did you get it boy? Let’s see.” He moves closer to Sir to get a better look but the lizard runs away. “Guess not, maybe next time. I wonder where it’s from, though,” Ash says looking around. Sir starts butting him with his nose, as if to say, “Ruff you talkin’ ’bout fool?”

“Stop that Sir. Bathroom, now! It’s late. I’m gonna’ look around, and see if there are any more lizards hanging around. Why am I telling you this? Go on, it’s getting cold.” The wind picks up, Ash shivers. The cold night air is noticeably different for another reason as well. “What’s that?!” Ash hoarsely whispers to Sir.

Sir starts barking, as if in response to Ash’s question. “Hush.” But Sir keeps barking. “Hush,” Ash forcefully whispers again, “or I’ll take you back inside!” Sir goes quiet but not in deference to his friend. A crash, crunch, and thud from the front yard echoes in the cold night, as the motion sensing light slowly wakes up. Sir begins growling, prompting Ash to make a decision.

Fun Facts:
1) My dog’s name is Sir, it should be Dyson, Eureka, or Hoover. He almost always smells like a vacuum.
2) Bhaisaab (bye • saab) means brother or trusted friend.

Voting will end Tuesday night. Check out where are we for help if you ever get lost. And if you’re just joining the misdaventure read a little more about the idea. This week’s writing challenge is about choices and a choose your own story seems like a perfect fit. Tweet me or leave a comment.

© Chic Prune 2014

10 thoughts on “Choose Your Own Misadventure Part 1

    1. hi there, i wondered about the same thing. but even if nobody votes it’s still good practice. i wanted to test myself and keep to a schedule, and also figure out the polls and surveys. i saw it as a dry run with meeting certain goals – some of which didn’t depend on readers. just wanted to make the most of it. thanks for dropping by too.

      have you tried an interactive story or some other interactive idea?


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