How do I judge me? Let me count the ways.
I judge me to the depth and breadth and height
My fear can climb, when hope’s just out of sight
And without reason my wits desert me.
I judge me beyond the limit of any need
Most every day, by sun and candle-light.
I judge me freely, just because you might.
I judge me with a passion trained by use
From older griefs those not forgiven by my childhood’s whim.
I judge me with a loathe I seem to keep
And can’t placate. I judge me with the breadth,
Smile, tears, of all my life, and if God choose,
I shall judge me still, better after death.

About: This is based on, borrows from, and hopefully broadens Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s poem, “How Do I Love Thee?” I wrote it awhile ago and am only posting it because of this week’s writing challenge, Genre Blenders.

Turning the poem inward connects with me, in funny and truthful ways. I hope it connects with you too, in a good way. So how do you judge yourself?

© Chic Prune 2014


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