Poor Me, Poor Me

Pour me a drink and press play. This is a review of the movie Grabbers plus a scary movie reader poll. As I say in my welcome post I enjoy discussing creature features. I’ve had Grabbers in my Netflix queue for a while and I finally pressed play this weekend. Boy I’m glad I did.

Grabbers is a slow burn. Wait for it, literally. The ending is the best part. It’s a simple tale of a sea like creature that feeds on human blood. You know, that old chestnut. You can read the plot synopsis here but with lush Irish landscapes, accents, and a creature that gets its fair amount of screen time the movie’s a winner.

A lot of the humor’s later in the film. It’s a less is more type of feeling which pays off. And in case you’re wondering why I started this post with a drinking reference, queue up the movie or check out the trailer for yourself. Cheers.

Thanks for voting and as always comments are awesome! If your fav’ isn’t in the poll or you’ve got more than one, share why you love them in the comments.

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