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The following are tips, tricks, and general helpful links around the WordPress neighborhood that I picked up in The Blogging 101 Commons. These helped me, maybe they’ll help you too. I couldn’t catch everything, so add your own links or helpful tips in the page’s comments section and I’ll update the page regularly.

If you have the chance to sign up for Blogging 101 or ‘Blogging Bootcamp’ don’t hesitate. You’ll meet some awesome bloggers all looking to improve and help one another. Plus access to the WordPress crew is priceless, especially when the assignments start coming fast and furious.

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Tips and Tricks*
link your gravatar profile to your blog. it helps people find you, and more.
read your theme’s info page for great examples. then reread it. repeat.
the “pop up” caption on the clock and radio is done with the a tiled image gallery.


Helpful WordPress Articles/Links
Bloglovin explained — fyi bloglovin only supports images in jpeg format.
trouble with the ‘like button’, read this and the links from macmanx here.
here’s why testing and switching themes is much easier with a secondary test blog.
just saw this and it looks worth a read, your audience awaits
get creative and give credit with creative commons.


*Tricks is a bit of an overstatement, I admit, but it gives me room to grow.

Note: Please add any tips and links, to articles or your own posts, in the comment section of the Best Bits and Bytes page. I’ll update it as needed. This comments section is closed.

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