The Offer

the offer

“Pay me my money or suffer, understand?”

It’s a simple offer, easily understood. That makes it a good offer, too good.

No one seeks any guarantees, the suffering will end. It’s a mistake you only make once. If you’re smart you’ll learn from it, like me. If not others will. It’s how things work.

I’m cruel, sick, and twisted but they’re the ones risking their lives for a quick buck. I don’t risk anything. I invest. It’s a good offer for me, too good.

“So do we have a deal?”

About: This is a follow up piece to The Fallen Saint but it’s a prequel. We get to hear a little from the villain this time. I like this voice because it makes sense but only from her point of view. It’s okay if you don’t or can’t believe her, she doesn’t need you too.

It’s this quality that made me decide to include it in this week’s writing challenge, as well as the original Foreshadow challenge.

© Chic Prune 2014


7 thoughts on “The Offer

  1. I like you post very much. I could imagine the faces through the short dialogue and got totally focused on the story (that’s my confirmation of deep interest for someone’s writing 😉 ). Looking forward to more.


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