Block Party

block party.png

Location, location, location may be the secret to great real estate, but the secret to a great neighborhood is saying, “Hi,” and “Nice to see ya.” And these folks know that.

Each of them makes my blogging experience more enjoyable with their comments and their posts. I hope to grow this list, so say hi anytime. This is no gated community. I’m building a neighborhood one blog at a time and since there’s no HOA this party is just getting started.

The list is alphabetical and each name is linked to either a post or page that I enjoy. I’ve thrown in my two cents just for fun.

aprilesutton – her perspective’s great, to have in your reader.
caseyalexanderblog – she loves feeding fish.
janeydoe57 – she says she’s snarky but that’s malarkey.
litadoolan – our first meeting was absurd.
mauvora – she’s got fun facts.
rachel m – the best policy, ever.
simplehumanwrites – he is, what he is.

This format is a work in progress and hopefully will be updated monthly. Feel free to say what you like. Or what you would like to add, change, or lose. This list is also in my sliding menu, feel free to check there if you need a quick reference link.

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